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:D SO FREAKEN EXCITED!!!! Was expecting it to take a few weeks to get to me, (i live in australia) but i forgot it was express posted so just a few days. Woooo hooo!!!!! I LOVE it!!!! The menu is like a concert type theme and its just, ohh couldnt have wished for any better! You'll know what i mean when you all get your copies :D
xoxo rach.
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Have you watched yours yet?
haha no, not the full 25 hours :) but i have started. I got all 3 seasons at once.
Xoxo rach.
I'm glad that you got all 3 seasons at once. So, did I. I wondered if you watched the first episode yet. I'm having to send mine back for a replacement, because of an odd sound on disc one.
ohh no! Im sorry to hear that. No mine sounded fine. There were bound to be a few that needed to be sent back in the mix tho. Unfortunatley thats how most dvds are. I hope your replacement arrives soon! And you do have the other seasons in the meantime, so its something i guess. What was the sound like if you dont mind me asking?
Xoxo rach.
There is this awful squelching type noise during Winning is Everything by The Misfits. I couldn't ignore it. :( I'm glad that yours is good. ^_^
ohh....no thats def not ment to be there :( love that song too (how could you not :D)
hope the days go fast until you get it season 1 back.
Xoxo rach.
I ordered the whole series and had to ship it all back to get a new one.
ohh sorry, i was hoping you were able to keep the other two seasons. But i guess, if the was a flaw with one disk in that lot there maybe another, so prob best they wanted them all back.
Xoxo rach.
It's ok. They are sending me another complete series. ^_^